More about our experience

  • Powerblock Equipment

    - Package Boilers (Cleaver Brooks, B&W)
    - Gas Turbines (GE, Siemens, Solar)
    - Boiler Feed Pumps (KSB, ClydeUnion)
    - Condensate Pumps (Ruhrpumpen, Flowserve)
    - Air intake filters
  • Sourcing entire water treatment systems for clients including:

    - Water treatment chemical storage and dosing systems
    - Cation/Anion demineralization
    - Multimedia Filtration
    - RO membrane banks
    - Sand Filtration
    - Clarifiers/Flocculators
    - EDI
  • Boiler water treatment Chemicals

    - Working with experts to develop complete water treatment chemistry strategy
    - Identifying savings opportunities (equipment and chemicals)
    - Increasing security of supply with strategic supply contracts
  • Waste Stream Treatment Equipment

    - Spent Caustic Wet Air Oxidation systems
    - Clay Filtration for used oil and lubricant regeneration
  • Industrial Gas Equipment

    - PSA systems for Hydrogen Purification (UOP)
    - PSA systems for Air Separation (Southtek)
    - Cryogenic Air Separation (Cosmodyne)
    - Hydrogen generators (Parker Hydro-Chem, HY9)
    - Steam reformers (Caloric GmbH)
    - API Compressors (Ingersoll Rand)

About Us

Böller-Group ( A Div of böller Inc. ) has very strong established connections worldwide, and through its many suppliers is able to offer its clients high quality and efficient equipment at very competitive pricing.

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Böller-Group ( A Div of böller Inc. )

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